Evil Love Through a Thousand Years: Stunning Concubine (End)

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But now, her heart is full of sadness, there is no extra space to feel afraid. One person and one snake are so deadlocked, looking at each other, as if whoever moves first will be beyond redemption.

But now, her heart is full of sadness, there is no extra space to feel afraid. One person and one snake are so deadlocked, looking at each other, as if whoever moves first will be beyond redemption. It suddenly occurred to Qianse that if the cobra attacked him and then poisoned himself to death, what would Nie Fenghua do? Maybe he would become the belly food of the cobra. Thinking of this, Qianse put down Nie Fenghua and stood up suddenly. She pulled out the sword beside her and pointed the tip of the sword at the cobra. No one can hurt him, if anyone dares to touch him, she will kill him! Provoked, the cobra unconsciously took a step back, but it did not run away. He looked at it sharply and said coldly, "You'd better leave quickly, or I'll cut you into pieces!" However, the cobra could not understand the meaning of her words, but it did understand the threat she gave. Just as the thousand colors were thinking about how to kill it, the cobra acted first, only to see a dark shadow rushing towards her. Cut the body into pieces With a wave of the thousand-color long sword, the shadow was temporarily divided into two sections. The second half of the snake's body twisted in the air and fell to the ground. But the first half of the snake body, but the speed is not reduced,Service Sink Faucets, only to see the head of the snake open the big mouth of the blood basin, to the right arm of a thousand colors fiercely bite down. Its eyes were full of bitterness and ferocity. Thousands of colors eat pain, the sword in the hand also'clang 'fell to the ground. She was so angry that she reached out her left hand, grabbed the snake, pulled it out of her arm and threw it on the ground. Then she quickly picked up the sword on the ground and grasped the hilt with both hands. The head of the snake, which kept twitching and writhing on the ground, was cut off at random,Time Delay Tap, every time with all her strength, and she vowed to cut it into pieces. Chop, chop, chop! After cutting off the head and tail of the snake, she fell to the ground and threw away the bloody sword until the whole snake was cut into sections, completely unable to twist. Remembering that he had been bitten, Qianse hurriedly lifted his sleeve, and two deep blood holes appeared on his snow-white arm. Blood flows out one by one, seemingly not much, but it seems that it will never be finished. It seemed that the cobra had given her a fatal blow with all its strength. If she was bitten by a cobra, she should not live long. This is also good, accompany Nie Fenghua to go to the afterlife, or have a companion. Qianse dragged up his tired body and moved to Nie Fenghua's side step by step. Then he snuggled up to him, Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin ,stainless steel toilet, held his broad palm, closed his eyes quietly, and waited for death. At that moment, she allowed herself to think of her pride. If, there is a chance to see him, she must tell him that she never regretted falling in love with him, she never blamed him, can only be deep and shallow. The wind blew gently on their faces, and the bangs on their foreheads swayed slightly. If it weren't for the two dying people, maybe the picture of them lying in the sun would look very comfortable. Time was eerily quiet, and just when the whole forest thought they were dead, Qianse suddenly opened her eyes and almost bounced up from the ground. She pulled back her sleeve in a panic. Her arm was still bleeding, but the blood was bright red! It is invulnerable to all kinds of poisons After she was bitten by a cobra, there was no sign of poisoning except the pain of the wound. A thousand colors suddenly remembered what the assassin had said last night. He said, "You were not poisoned!" Yeah, why wasn't she poisoned? She almost lived and ate with Nie Fenghua, and she could not do any martial arts. Why was Nie Fenghua poisoned, but she was not poisoned? Now, she has been bitten by a cobra and has not been poisoned. Of course, the snake must be poisonous, and she knew it. Then look at the blood on the arm, a thousand colors of the brain flashed a flash of light. If she did not guess wrong, her body must have the immune function of anti-poison. But hadn't she been poisoned before? What the hell is going on? What kind of medicine did she take that made her invulnerable to all kinds of poison? This seems to be a fictional thing in a novel. How could she meet it. But how to explain what happened from yesterday to now? The only way to prove it is to use her blood to save Nie Fenghua. If Nie Fenghua wakes up, it will not only save his life, but also show that she does have an invulnerable system. Thinking of doing so, Qianse picked up the sword on the ground, wiped off the blood stains with an embroidered handkerchief, and drew a long cut on the index finger and middle finger of his left hand. She put two fingers into Nie Fenghua's mouth and let him drink his own blood. Qianse did not know how long to feed Nie Fenghua's blood, so after a while, she gritted her teeth and cut Nie Fenghua's finger with a sword, so that the blood in his body flowed out. When he saw that the blood flowing out of Nie Fenghua was no longer as black as before, his heart was filled with unspeakable joy. She quickly squeezed her fingers to keep her wounds from scarring. Slowly, Nie Fenghua's face was no longer so pale, and the blood flowing out was no longer black, but had turned bright red. Suddenly, thousands of colors were so excited that they burst into tears. She withdrew her finger and pulled off a piece of cloth to wrap Nie Fenghua's finger. Only then did he simply bandage the wounds on his two fingers and arms. How many more are there at night? Wake up They are afraid that the smell of blood will attract more poisonous snakes and insects, or tigers and hungry wolves. Qianse tied the rope leading the horse to his wrist, then put Nie Fenghua's arm on his shoulder and laboriously walked step by step to a sunny place. Walking to an open terrain, Qianse put Nie Fenghua under a big tree. She tied the horse to another tree and let it eat the grass on the ground by itself. Then she went to collect a lot of dry wood and made a bonfire under the tree. With the light of fire, I believe there will be no invasion of living things. Tired for a long time, Qianse took out the dry food from the bundle and ate a few mouthfuls. In fact, she is not hungry,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, just to save energy to eat. He fed some water to Nie Fenghua, and under the warmth of the fire, his face gradually became ruddy. Qianse leaned against him and looked at the burning bonfire in a daze. cnkexin.com